Leaping ChairThe breath between us (being played)The breath between usThe breath between us (mouthpiece detail)Listen Up!Apparatus for the Repatriation of TearsThoughts that breatheThoughts that breathe (detail)HarvestChilds PlayArterialArterial (detail)The Wandering BreathPreambleWeary implement of whackWallopAt a loose endFulcrumPilgrimageWollongong AirMalletCherryHuddle Weapon of Mass DeceptionWeapon of Mass DeceptionRoger, I hear you loud and clear…SeedSeedGunshipGunship (detail: inside drawers)Bullet PeoplePlumbTools for a forgotten purposePuff DaddyHalf-volleyWunderkammer object 389 (stitching green thread)UnfurledNestOn the outside looking inOn the outside looking inPeripheral Noise and Extra PocketsPeripheral NoiseRicochetMutiny (hammer)Edith Piaf sings her heart outRequiemNo. 806Footbridge (doorhandle)Map Spoolyo-yoRevolutionTake ArmsEatTool for a forgotten purpose #52Teeter totterShadow selfDust cloud, for better or worse For better or worse In my hand I held a folding of time In my hand I held a folding of time Things that howl in the night (scissors, hammer, mirror)