The cloud within meLongingComfort me, soothe meFaithMemories of wounds received and mended (detail)Memories of wounds received and mendedMemories of wounds received and mended (detail)The bridge between you and meThe bridge between you and me (detail)Leaping ChairMurmuringListen Up!A Quieted Racket (Racquet)Ghost BatsMutiny (table)ThwackRepointingThe breath within meWatching and waitingEatApparatus for the Repatriation of TearsConduitConduit (in function)The breath between us (mouthpiece detail)The breath between usThe breath between us (being played)Peripheral Noise and Extra PocketsBy the light of the moonThe Wandering BreathCradleLuminaryPivotFulcrumBivouac and PilgrimagePilgrimageWollongong AirSubmarinerTractionTraction (detail)MalletTenderEquilibriumBreast CakesThe one and the otherSubmarinerSoftly Gently, Softly QuietlySoftly Gently, Softly Quietly (detail)Softly Gently, Softly Quietly (detail)HammerM9 BerettaScissorsTerra FirmaTerra Firma (detail)ArterialArterial (detail)PreambleThoughts that breatheThoughts that breathe (detail)HarvestWeary implement of whackWallopAt a loose endGunshipGunship (detail: inside drawers)EmpathyTools for a forgotten purposeHuddle Childs PlayWeapon of Mass DeceptionWeapon of Mass DeceptionSnugBodily Felt AmoebaRoger, I hear you loud and clear…SeedSeed