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Public classes  Below is a list of upcoming workshops open to public enrolment.

Private tuition is available if you prefer to have a one-on-one class. You can have a class specifically tailored to you, learn in the privacy of your own home or come to my studio. Contact me to discuss.

Tailor a class: If you have a group of people who want to learn a particular aspect of feltmaking or sculpture,  I can tailor a class to your groups particular needs and travel to your venue to teach your group. 

I have been teaching feltmaking and sculpture since 1994. This includes workshops in High Schools and Primary Schools, community groups as well as teaching courses at  University.

WORKSHOPS for 2017 ........ more will be added as they are confirmed.

National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney

9th – 13th January 2017


Handmade felt is a wonderful, malleable medium that can form many complex shapes, creating an eloquent and intriguing medium for contemporary sculpture. Anita Larkin teaches the fundamental techniques for felting, including making seamless three-dimensional forms using resist patterns, modelling solid felted shapes, and making felt around wire. Drawing and collage exercises will be utilised to develop ideas for sculptural forms. Anita discusses the use of felt as a metaphor in artwork, considering its properties of insulation, its primal natural origins, its history as a protective shelter, its absorption of sound and moisture, as well as its tactile qualities as points of investigation in a sculpture. She shows examples of felted wool sculptural objects from 5th Century BC, through to modern artists such as Joseph Beuys and Marion Borgelt.

Wollongong Art Gallery
Friday 3 March 9am – 3pm
Bookings: $75 per student

HSC Visual Arts Intensive Studio Practice: SCULPTURE FOR HSC STUDENTS
The aim of this sculpture workshop is to develop a set of practical skills when working with found objects. This workshop will promote independent working and research of specific mediums to foster the development of a final abstract sculpture by the end of the day.
Students will: - explore the discipline of sculpture under the guidance of local artist, Anita Larkin and use a broad range of sculpture media and art making processes.
Skills will include: correct handling of the dremel tool, cutting, filing, shaping and riveting various found materials. Pinning screwing and gluing to create seamless joins in wooden objects. - refine and develop their ability to interpret and evaluate their own and others’ artworks. - participate in sustained critical reflection and evaluation. - complete a finished artwork as a result of the skills taught during the workshop.
For any enquires contact Education Officer, Julie Danilov on 4227 8506 or email

Community Education and Arts Development Centre (CEAD)
10th and 11th MARCH  9:30 - 4.00pm
Yaama Dhiyaan building at 255 Wilson Street, North Eveleigh (sits in front of Carriageworks)
Enquiries: 02 9699 6364
Link to bookings page HERE


Wool is a wonderful fibre that can be felted by hand into many intriguing sculptural shapes. Felt has a long history of use as a medium for contemporary sculpture, it has a strong tactile allure, combined with conceptual underpinnings. It is humankind's first textile, known since Neolithic times. Learn the fundamental techniques of how to make your own felt forms using resists, model solid felt forms, and explore the realm of soft sculpture.

Grampians Texture - Halls Gap, Victoria 
March 18 - 23rd 2017

NARRATIVE COLLAGE - 18th and 19th March - 2 day class

Collage is the use of cutting, rearranging, and gluing materials together to form unexpected stories and designs. The surrealists were adept at it and it is a dynamic way to create narrative in an artwork. This class will delve into the possibility of creating finished artworks from collected images, papers, pages of books, found ephemera and threads. Stitch into the collage and build up layers of images. Playfully weave, cut and intermingle images to create imaginative unexpected stories.

Grampians Texture  

COLLAGE FOR FELT FORMS - 20th to 23rd March - 4 day class 

Collage is a method of cutting and laminating using chance and intuition in the tradition of the surrealists. Methods of collage (cutting, joining and layering) can be an interesting way to develop felt forms. Explore 3D shapes that will arise from layering, cutting, twisting, and re-joining resist templates with each other. Intervene in the wet felting process by cutting and re-joining during that stage. Create surprising complex felt forms.

Timeless Textiles Gallery, Newcastle

20/21st May 2017

This class will look at the intricate and beautiful shapes to be found within natural objects. A shell, a seedpod, or an image of a microscopic life form, can all be infinitely inspiring when you are making felted sculptural forms.

Students are asked to bring as inspiration a shape that is found in nature, and we will discuss and learn various strategies for making those types of shapes in felt. Among the skills learned would be how to work with many resists at once,

inserting resist pockets in the body of a felt, using thick pre-felts, felting around wire, and felting without by modeling directly in the hand. Be inspired by the possibilities of shapes able to be made in felt.

Note: This class assumes that you have intermediate feltmaking skills, and have used a resist before.

The Potato Shed, Robertson
25th June 2017 

You will learn how to make a fine felt scarf that incorporates fabrics into the body of the felt. This is called Nuno felting. Experiment with felting directly into the body of various fabrics to create unusual textures, rippling of the fabrics occurs naturally during this process. This is an inspiring day full of colour and texture. Discover how to blend colours in wool together as well as the possibilities of delicate lightweight lace felts. 

National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney

3rd – 7th July 2017


Anita Larkin derives narrative in a sculpture by joining disparate collected objects together. Students will learn various simple methods of joining their own found objects together using hand tool skills. The class will also discuss methodology for creating sculptures that are engaging for the viewer, and discuss the development of conceptual artworks from found objects. It will be an opportunity to learn what makes a sculpture constructed from junk much greater than just the sum of its parts. You will never look at found objects in the same way again. Skills learnt will be directly dependant on the student's particular objects they are working with, but will include basic assemblage techniques, screwing and gluing, pinning to create a strong seamless join, riveting and shaping of soft metals, making your own rivets using metal tube, modelling of objects with builders bog, and joining of some objects using polyurethane resin. This is a week of alchemy, of animating the inanimate, of creating story and sculpture out of discarded objects.

The Illawarra Feltmakers, Shellcove Community Centre

5 August 2017 (10am - 3pm)
$90 contact for bookings:
You will have a fun day learning the skills of how to make your own unique felted hat. Anita will share with you how to make a pattern for a resist and calculate ‘shrinkage’ for your hat. Learn the resist method of feltmaking, in which students will be working directly from the soft tufts of wool into a beautiful felted hat with your own hands. There is no sewing. This method of making a felted hat is magic!

26th - 27th August 2017
Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Windsor
Felt in contemporary sculpture is a medium that has a strong tactile allure. Known since Neolithic times, felt is humanity’s first textile. It has been clothing as well as a home, industrial filters and musical instrument dampers. Wool fibre can be felted by hand using agitation and soapy water, coaxing it into many intriguing sculptural shapes. Learn the fundamental techniques of how to make your own felt hollow forms using resists, model solid felt forms, and explore the wonderful realm of soft sculpture.

The Illawarra Feltmakers, Shellcove Community Centre

16 September 2017 (10am - 3pm)
$90 contact for bookings:

You will learn the skills of using a resist in feltmaking, to make your own unique felted bag. Anita will share with you how to make a pattern for a resist for your bag as well as how to include pockets and flaps into your design. Please note: Handles for your bag will need to be sewn on by you after the class.

2017 GEELONG FIBRE FORUM. Corio, Victoria
October 1st  - 7th 

This class will make improvised constructed sculptures with the student’s own collected objects using simple and effective hand tool methods.  Screwing, wiring, riveting, and using modelling materials to make joins between objects will be utilised. This workshop will then explore practical methods of felting around various parts of the sculptures or objects. We will learn different ways to accommodate the migration of the fibres around a solid object, to achieve a well-made felt.  Felting around objects can alleviate the need for constructing complex resists and fussing with getting ‘no seams’. The object can make a felt form more structurally sound by providing support and weight. There can also be a very pleasing contrast in materials with the softness of the felt when parts of the object are left to protrude.